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So the change will begin on 28th April with my Impericon festival review.


Ok this blog is gonna change substantially so understandable if any of you unfollow me however I want to turn it into something productive therefore this blog will primarily be a reviews blog consisting of my verdict on all the latest music releases and gigs/festivals that i attend. 

I really want to get into the music journalism world so I hope at least some of you support me and keep on following!

I’ll make another blog for random blogging though haha


I cant remember the last time i laid in bed without crying about unhappy i am with my life and hoping for an early death, if only i has the guts to slit my throat or hang myself, i just want it to end. What is the least painful way to kill yourself i need to know


obsceneoblivion asked: You're disgusting

oh do explain….


Anonymous asked: How many guys has a girl had to have slept with for you to call her a slut?

did i ever mention a specific gender? no


Anonymous asked: any pet peeves?